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Articles signed by the editors were written in a collective effort.

Science & Technology

How machine learning could help combat illegal logging

Illegal logging is an ongoing threat. But machine learning could be used to distinguish endangered timber species from commoner ones – enabling logs that have illegally entered the timber market to be identified.

Religion & Theology

Interview with Aren Maeir

Aren Maeir’s contribution over the past decade to the EBR proves that you’ll never get bored of learning about the bible. In this interview series, our editors open up on their expertise and what keeps them awake at night.

Religion & Theology

Interview with Natalie Dohrmann

How does Rome expand the legal empire into the East and how are the Rabbis reacting to that? We let Natalie Dohrmann answer this question for you!

Language & Culture

Linguistic archeology and the granularity of language change: Interview with Prof. Gerd Carling

Why is lingustic archeology so fascinating? What is special about your forthcoming Atlas project? How do polygons and network diagrams help us understand how language works? We talked to Gerd Carling, the editor of “The Mouton Atlas of Languages and Cultures” about her fascination with languages, both modern and ancient.

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