Philosophy & History

Pandemics in History: Global Solidarity is the Only Way Forward

Can history teach us how to deal with Covid-19? Perhaps not. But it reminds us that when faced with global challenges, we need to resist the urge to focus on national solidarities.

Politics & Society

What Future for Post-Coronavirus Societies?

There has been great speed to predict our post-Covid-19 future. What is clearer, however, is that institutions and individuals across the globe have already creatively responded to huge challenges to reshape social activities and everyday lives.

Politics & Society

The Social Problems of Protecting Refugees during Covid-19

How do we protect refugees during the coronavirus pandemic? Can the field of ‘humanitarian engineering’ help us in this endeavour?

Language & Culture

Warum lachen wir über Screwball-Komödien? Sarah Greifenstein im Interview

Screwball-Komödien bestechen durch eine turbulente Handlung und rasanten Wortwitz. Doch auch subtilere Filmtechniken sind bei der Entstehung von Komik nicht zu unterschätzen, sagt Sarah Greifenstein.

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