Academia & Publishing

Subscribe to Open: How to Make the Shift to Open Access More Inclusive

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the transition to Open Access. Find out why we think Subscribe to Open is the way forward to open up scholarship more inclusively and sustainably.

Arts & Humanities

Glorifizierung einer kalten Welt: Florian Völker im Interview über ‚Kälte-Pop‘

Sie sangen von Eisbären und Mensch-Maschinen, zelebrierten Emotionslosigkeit und Entfremdung in einer technologisierten Welt. Wir sprachen mit dem Historiker Florian Völker über den Aufstieg der ‚Kälte-Pop‘-Bands vor fast 50 Jahren in der BRD.

Academia & Publishing

Five Ways to Boost Your Online Presence at Academic Conferences

Struggling to make a splash on social media at conferences? Discover our 5 tips to make new connections and skyrocket your online presence.

Business & Economics

“Money Has Always Been an Enigma”: An Interview with Samuel A. Chambers

To understand the nature of money, we need to put aside conventional textbook knowledge and rethink our assumptions about the topic, says political economist Samuel A. Chambers. We spoke with him about the intricacies of this everyday phenomenon that tends to slip through our fingers just when we think we’ve got it all figured out.

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