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Coming Home and Coming Out? Germany, EURO 2020, and the Battle for Queer Rights

Donning a rainbow flag in the face of international anti-queer measures is not enough. To be taken seriously as an LGBTQIA+ rights advocate, Germany needs to reckon with its own complex and difficult past first.

Politics & Society

Why Billionaires in Space are not Going to Make the World a Better Place

The private space races of billionaires like Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are staged as humanity‘s ticket to progress, transformation, and even immortality in outer space. The colonial rhetoric that continues to accompany this new industry, however, is a reminder that their plans are neither altruistic visions nor merely harmless pet projects of the super-rich.

Politics & Society

Israelis, Palästinenser und Deutsche: Das Moralische Dreieck

Wie leben Israelis und Palästinenser in Berlin? Welche Rolle spielen Holocaust und Nahostkonflikt? Und wie steht es um Versöhnung und Verantwortung innerhalb des komplexen „moralischen Dreiecks“ zwischen Palästinensern, Israelis und Deutschen? In über 100 Gesprächen gingen Sa’ed Atshan und Katharina Galor diesen Fragen nach. Herausgekommen ist ein spannendes Kaleidoskop gegenwärtiger Berliner Stadtgeschichte.

Academia & Publishing

How to Turn your Dissertation into a Book

You finished your dissertation and want to turn it into a book? Then don’t let the revision process scare you – we’ve got you covered with helpful tips and tricks on the way.

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