Religion & Theology

After Saturday Comes Sunday

The heartland of the Chaldeans always was northern Iraq – the Nineveh Plain – and nearby areas of Syria. The Assyrians lived primarily in the mountainous heights of southeastern Turkey and Iran. Now as ISIS and its multiple successor organizations have murdered the Christians and chased them out of their villages, Aramaic is endangered as never before, and it could finally die as a spoken language.

Philosophy & History

The Home Front: Hardly a Refuge from War

What happens on the home front during times of war? Is the home really a refuge, a space that is […]

Science & Technology

The Periodic Table and the Actinides

Most people know that uranium is radioactive, but few would think of taking a Geiger Counter with them when antique-hunting. A hundred years ago, uranium oxide was widely used in making decorative glass objects. Their characteristic greenish-yellow colour gave them the name of ‘Vaseline glass’, though their radioactivity means that uranium is not used in glass-making these days. Uranium is also used in making the shells fired by Army tanks, as it is extremely dense and also tends to ignite on impact.

Academic Publishing

Building the future on hundreds of years of History: Book archives in today’s research.

There are hundreds of extensive and ambitious archive digitisation projects taking place across the world today – all with the aim of getting primary research into the hands of millions more people, whilst building a permanent record of academic literature to drive the advancement of ideas for generations to come. None of this would be feasible without the close and ongoing collaboration of libraries, publishers, academic bodies and governments worldwide. And it’s an activity that shows no signs of slowing down.

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