Philosophy & History

Robot Sex, Roombas — and Alan Rickman

Robot lovers, given current technology, are not particularly good at being robots, much less at being Alan Rickman. The good news is: as cyborgs we don’t really need actual robot technology in order to have robot lovers.

Language & Culture

Understanding the Dynamics of China Through Science Fiction

Science fiction literature is booming in China. Far from a trivial genre, Chinese intellectuals increasingly use science fiction to express their dreams and fears. Most of them paint a gloomy picture of China’s future.

Politics & Economics

Agile Management in the Digital Age: It’s Not What You Think!

With agile methods conquering traditional industries, long-established companies now teach their managers to use intuition by playing with Lego. But is agile management really the answer to everything?

Language & Culture

How Well Do You Know Ernst Jandl? [Quiz]

Test your literary knowledge with our quiz commemorating Ernst Jandl, one of the great German speaking poets.

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