Politics & Society

Turning Controversy into Connection: A Discussion with Martha Minow and Liz Lerman

When bitter debates divide our societies – at times to the point of violence – it’s both harder and more important than ever to find the common ground that unites us. Is there a way out? Yes, say legal scholar Martha Minow and creative artist Liz Lerman in the latest event in the Humanities for Humans series. But if we want to build bridges, we need the right tools.

Academia & Publishing

Library Community Gives Back: 2023 Webinar Speakers’ Charity Picks

From clean water and medical aid to animal welfare and deforestation: Librarians are committed to many causes beyond the walls of their institutions. That much is clear from the charities chosen by the expert speakers in our quarterly librarians’ webinar series.

Arts & Humanities

Echoes Across Siberia: What Indigenous Languages Can Teach Us About the Past

Northern Asia holds more than just breathtaking landscapes. It cradles a tapestry of cultures and languages dating back millennia, offering important clues to the region’s deep past. Preserving the vanishing voices of indigenous communities has never seemed more urgent.

Academia & Publishing

From Error to Excellence: Embracing Mistakes in Library Practice

Everyone makes mistakes. Few would disagree with this statement, yet many still shy away from discussing what went wrong and why – especially in a professional setting such as a library. To challenge this stigma, four interviewees reflect on their own professional blunders and why it’s more sensible to acknowledge them than to deny their existence.