Academia & Publishing

What Are Altmetrics and Why Do We Need Them?

Are tweets and blog posts the new citations? The advent of social networks has undoubtedly changed scholarly communication, and scientific impact can no longer be determined by traditional bibliometrics alone. If you haven’t already, it’s time to get familiar with alternative metrics!

Arts & Humanities

Call for Manuscripts: Transforming Political Philosophy

For an upcoming political philosophy book series, we are looking for English-language manuscripts that focus on marginalized philosophers and topics.

Arts & Humanities

Moderne Musikvideos: Unbequeme Themen in schöner Verpackung

Zeitgenössische Musikvideos von Janelle Monae, The Carters und anderen sind zu einem beliebten Gegenstand medienkulturwissenschaftlicher Analysen geworden. Und das nicht ohne Grund: Im Hochglanz-Gewand tragen sie zur Debatte über die wichtigen gesellschaftlichen und politischen Fragen unserer Zeit bei.

Arts & Humanities

Andreas Witt and Darja Fišer on “CLARIN. The Infrastructure for Language Resources”

CLARIN, the “Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure,” is dedicated to supporting the exchange, use, and sustainability of language data in the humanities and beyond. In our latest book talk, we spoke with the editors of a new publication that provides a comprehensive overview of the organization and how it works.