Philosophy & History

Lord Beaverbrook, the Business Tycoon Who Loved Tomato Soup

William Maxwell Aitken, also known as Lord Beaverbrook, was one of the most influential figures in British politics and society in the first half of the 20th Century – and he had a little-known culinary passion.

Science & Technology

The Fall of the Apple and the General Theory of Relativity

Can the basic concepts of the general theory of relativity be illustrated geometrically with almost no math? To answer this question, let’s reconsider Newton’s well-known problem of the falling apple.

Language & Culture

Roma Diaspora: Space, Place and Identity

The recent spate of evictions of Roma communities across Europe reflect a historical discrimination against those considered as illegitimate outsiders. At a time when walls are going up across the world, the issue of who belongs and who is denied access to certain spaces is evermore prescient, and in need of critical attention.

Science & Technology

Committee Theory, Or Finding Solutions to Problems That Have no Solution

By drawing several straight lines that cross one point on a piece of paper, we arrive at one of the most fascinating mathematical theories: Committee theory not only has a number of practical applications like pattern recognition – a central branch of machine learning – but also searches for collective solutions to problems that have no familiar solution at all.

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