Business & Economics

Mapping the Course of Inequality Through History

Thomas Piketty enlarges upon ideas of social inequality from his popular book Capital and Ideology.

Arts & Humanities

Humans and Animals – Entangled in History

Relationships between humans and other animals are multi-faceted, often intimate, and frequently ambivalent. Most of all, they are deeply historical. The surging field of animal history aims to tell these stories.

Arts & Humanities

The Invention of Modern Peacemaking

Roughly 2,000 peace treaties made between the 15th and the 19th century show us how early modern peacemaking laid the foundations for both the modern constitutional development of European states and for relations between those states to the present.

Arts & Humanities

Call for Manuscripts: Transdisciplinary Trauma Studies

We are looking for English-language manuscripts that study individual and collective trauma from various disciplinary approaches, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.