Religion & Theology

Interview with Aren Maeir

Aren Maeir’s contribution over the past decade to the EBR proves that you’ll never get bored of learning about the bible. In this interview series, our editors open up on their expertise and what keeps them awake at night.

Religion & Theology

Interview with Natalie Dohrmann

How does Rome expand the legal empire into the East and how are the Rabbis reacting to that? We let Natalie Dohrmann answer this question for you!

Academic Publishing

The University Press Library: Bridging the Gap Between Academic Libraries, University Presses and You

Find out what the UPL can bring to your library!

Science & Technology

Zinc: the galvanizing chameleon

Jules Raulin, a student of Louis Pasteur, made a seminal discovery on zinc’s essential role in a microorganism’s growth. 150 years later, growing questions about this integral and essential element revolve around its purpose for our everyday lives.

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