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Covid-19 Is Deepening Postcolonial Global Inequalities

The Covid-19 pandemic reveals global inequalities that are a consequence of European colonialism. At the same time, Europe’s increasing reliance on foreign-trained and foreign-born medical staff amounts to a second colonial drain.

Language & Culture

Kulturvirologin zur Corona-Pandemie: “Man will Krankheiten immer Bedeutungen zuschreiben.”

Künstlerin und Kulturwissenschaftlerin Susanne Ristow beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit Viren. Wir sprachen mit ihr über das Verhältnis von Virus und Kunst, vergangene Pandemien und virale Potentiale in der Corona-Pandemie.

Academic Publishing

Librarians Coping with Covid-19: An Outlook from China

Foster Zhang, University Librarian at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, remains hopeful that we can find yet more innovative ways to use technology as his institution is forced to switch to remote learning due to the Corona crisis.

Academic Publishing

Librarians Coping with Covid-19: An Outlook From Germany

We talked to Karl Krieg, Head of Acquisitions at Passau University Library in Germany, about challenges and opportunities for libraries during the Corona crisis.

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