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What’s Ahead for Women in STEM?

Women are still heavily underrepresented in all areas of STEM. We want to change this narrative one interview at a time, by asking some of our female authors and editors about the future.

Science & Technology

Lise Meitner: “A physicist who never lost her humanity”

Against all odds, Austrian-born Lise Meitner devoted her life to a career in nuclear physics. Today we look back on the achievements of a brilliant woman who many believe was once robbed of the Nobel Prize.

Science & Technology

Climate change and decreasing fertility in Malaysia: What’s the link?

A population in decline: Malaysia’s total fertility rate has been dropping for three decades now. Could climate change be the reason for this development?

Science & Technology

Vom Kerbholz zum Smartphone – Mathe leicht gemacht seit der Steinzeit!

Trotz mangelnder Beliebtheit an Schulen weltweit gilt die Rechenkunst als gewaltige Kulturleistung der Menschheit. Und das zu recht: seit Jahrtausenden entwickeln wir immer ausgefeiltere Methoden und Instrumente, um der Zahlen Herr zu werden.

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