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Natur und Spiritualität: Ein Gespräch mit Harald Lesch

Was bedeutet „Natur“? Wie gehen wir mit der Unermesslichkeit des Universums um? Und wie steht ein Astrophysiker zum Thema Spiritualität? Über all das und mehr sprachen wir mit einem der bekanntesten Wissenschaftler Deutschlands und selbsterklärten Himmels-Nerd, Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch.

Science & Technology

Bridging Chemistry with Art – How We Put the “A” in STEM

To celebrate the beauty of a discipline that is usually regarded only with respect to its utility, three Canadian chemists decided to launch a contest of chemistry-inspired art. The various submissions to “ChemiSTEAM” – the photos, drawings, and even tea towels – showed them that in the end it’s all about the stories behind the art.

Science & Technology

Lack of Knowledge about Endometriosis Amongst the Public and Doctors Delays Diagnosis

Women report that a lack of understanding from doctors and confidants, including parents, are key barriers to a timely endometriosis diagnosis.

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Why Billionaires in Space are not Going to Make the World a Better Place

The private space races of billionaires like Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are staged as humanity‘s ticket to progress, transformation, and even immortality in outer space. The colonial rhetoric that continues to accompany this new industry, however, is a reminder that their plans are neither altruistic visions nor merely harmless pet projects of the super-rich.

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