Netiquette Rules of De Gruyter Conversations

At De Gruyter Conversations we welcome your feedback, well-reasoned debates and constructive criticism via the article comment function.

In order to maintain a polite tone and to avoid misunderstandings, we kindly ask you to adhere to our ground rules of digital etiquette:

  1. Always be respectful. Refrain from any offensive, obscene, defamatory and/or discriminatory language (or links to such contents).
  2. To avoid redundancy, read the previous replies before you write your own comment.
  3. Stay brief and on topic. Do not abuse the comment function for advertising and/or other irrelevant purposes.
  4. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  5. Do not disclose any personal data about yourself or others (e.g. phone number or address).
  6. Make sure that your comment does not infringe anyone else’s copy or privacy rights.

Please note that every comment undergoes approval by an editor first. If a comment is in violation of the above-mentioned core rules, it will not be published.

We look forward to fruitful Conversations with you!

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