Politics & Society

White Freedom Invades the US Capitol

The “defense of freedom” by rioters at the US Capitol was in fact a battle for white freedom – a struggle to preserve white privilege and racial dominance over a changing nation.

Academia & Publishing

Netzwerk Wissenschaftsfreiheit: Eine kurze Replik

Die Cancel Culture, die das neu gegründete Netzwerk Wissenschaftsfreiheit beklagt, ist ein Schreckgespenst.

Science & Technology

Climate change and decreasing fertility in Malaysia: What’s the link?

A population in decline: Malaysia’s total fertility rate has been dropping for three decades now. Could climate change be the reason for this development?

Politics & Society

We Need to Talk: How Knowledge Sharing Catalyses Post-Pandemic Recovery

To get ready for our new reality post-Covid-19, we need to be open and transparent with each other, but first and foremost we have to believe in the good in people.

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