Arts & Humanities

‘Forced Diversity’ In Movies Is Not a Thing – But Here’s Why Some People Are So Scared of It

When people of color enter spaces historically perceived as ‘white’ in popular representations of history and speculative fiction, familiar outcries of ‘blackwashing’ or ‘forced diversity’ are sure to follow. What is it exactly that white people fear losing?

Arts & Humanities

Book Talk: Erika Quinn and Holly Yanacek on “Animals, Machines, and AI”

Erika Quinn’s and Holly Yanacek’s most recent book examines the emotional relationships between humans and non-humans in modern German cultural history. We wanted to learn more from the two volume editors, so we got together for a new book talk!

Politics & Society

“Most Polarized” US Senate is Partisan, Obstructionist and Less Deliberative

Researchers use empirical methods to show the impact of polarization on the current US Senate.

Arts & Humanities

Leben nach dem Genozid – Ein Gespräch mit Talin Suciyan über armenische Geschichte und Erinnerungspolitik in der Türkei

Wie haben Armenier und Armenierinnen nach dem Völkermord im Jahre 1915 weitergelebt? Und welche Art von Gesellschaft hat sich in den letzten hundert Jahren gebildet? Im Interview sprechen Talin Suciyan und die Anthropologin Deniz Yonucu über eine andere Geschichte der Türkei.

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