Language & Culture

Reisepionierin Ida Pfeiffer: Wie eine Wienerin die Welt eroberte

Mit Mitte vierzig, inmitten der Zeit des Biedermeier, beschloss Ida Pfeiffer, dass ihr die Rolle als Hausfrau und Mutter nicht mehr genügte. Also wurde sie Weltreisende.

Philosophy & History

Covid-19 and World War One Nursing

In October 1916, reflecting on nursing equipment shortages on the Romanian Front, British nurse Yvonne Fitzroy noted, “What we haven’t got we invent, and what we can’t invent, we do without”.

Politics & Society

White Privilege in the Time of COVID-19

Back in March, Kayla Williams, a Black British woman from South London, died. Only a day after calling 999. Even though her symptoms were serious and clearly suggested a Covid-19 infection, the paramedics ranked her case as “not a priority”.

Philosophy & History

Long-Term Impacts of the 1918–19 Influenza

During the coronavirus crisis, the influenza disease, the biggest killing infectious disease in modern history, is often mentioned as the nearest comparator. Can the stories of its survivors inform surviving Covid-19?

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