Politics & Society

White Rage and the Demise of Democracy

In the past few years, underprivileged groups have felt ‘left behind’ and voted for demagogues, who have often gone on to undermine democracy. However, this is nothing new. Reading classics by writers as diverse as Dostoevsky, Plato and Rousseau can provide an answer to the current malaise.

Academia & Publishing

#IchBinHanna: Und Jetzt?

Auf Twitter protestieren Wissenschaftler*innen gegen prekäre Arbeitsbedingungen an Hochschulen. Doch die Probleme des deutschen Wissenschaftssystems sind größer als #IchBinHanna.

Arts & Humanities

Queer Wizards and the Magic of Neurodiversity

Transgressive, liberated, powerful – wizard characters offer spaces of hope and transformation for young queer and neurodivergent readers.

Arts & Humanities

Good, Bad, and Ugly Genes? An Interview with Claus-Christian Carbon

Language shapes our thinking – in science as well as in everyday life. That is why we urgently need to re-think outdated concepts and terms such as “good genes”, says Psychology professor Claus-Christian Carbon.

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