Science & Technology

How Geographers Map the Path of COVID-19

When, where, and how? Geographic information systems (GIS) help scientists track the spread of Coronavirus across the world.

Arts & Humanities

Idan Dershowitz on How He Discovered The Shapira Deuteronomy Fragments Might be Real

Since the 1880s, the infamous Shapira scroll has been considered a forgery. Then, just last week, biblical scholar Idan Dershowitz caused a sensation by arguing that it might not only be real, but actually the oldest biblical manuscript ever found. We sat down with Idan to talk about the context and implications of his discovery.

Science & Technology

No regrets! How to cut back on Facebook rants

Do you always plan out what you post and comment on Facebook? Probably not. But you can learn from your past how to avoid regretful posts and wasted time in the future.

Science & Technology

Cannabinoids and PTSD – Treating a Fractured Mind

Can we tackle the roots of anxiety and trauma with cannabis? Researchers say, by “re-training” the brain, THC and CBD may help people with post-traumatic stress disorder control their symptoms and find inner peace again.

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