Academia & Publishing

Librarians Coping with Covid-19: An Outlook from the United States

Scott Warren, Associate Dean for Research Excellence at Syracuse University Libraries, on how his institution is making sure students and faculty continue to have access to all the services and information they need in the recent Corona lockdown.

Science & Technology

Overflowing cellular waste dumps: responsible for Parkinson’s disease?

Lysosomes are the waste and recycling dumps of the cell and responsible for the degradation of intra- and extracellular molecules. […]

Science & Technology

Manual physical therapy: A promising novel treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Currently available treatments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) fall under the category of functional rehabilitation, and often have less than satisfactory results. According to a recent case study, manual physical therapy by myofascial release could provide structural rehabilitation, and has the potential to improve a range of neurological and developmental symptoms of ASD.

Arts & Humanities

Coronarchiv: How Public Historians Are Collecting Memories of the Corona Pandemic

German public historians have started an online platform to collect everyday memories of the Corona crisis. Their aim is to make an archive of a wide range of different experiences of the present moment available for future historical research.

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