Science & Technology

Not to Be Outdone: The Platypus Fluoresces, Too

Biofluorescent fur, first observed in marsupials, then in placentals, has now been discovered in the monotreme platypus. This indicates that biofluorescence is all over the mammalian family tree. However, researchers are still questioning the reasons behind it.

Arts & Humanities

Toxic Video Game Culture and Why I Don’t Call Myself a “Gamer”

For years, online gaming communities have been plagued with toxic behavior and harassment. The instigators are often young, white, male, and angry. Anne Ladyem McDivitt reflects on how identifying as a “Gamer” reaches far beyond the enjoyment of playing video games.

Arts & Humanities

The Paradox of Chaos and the Emergence of History

The year 2020 seems to have brought us “a hell of evils,” to borrow philosopher Immanuel Kant’s phrase. Can history help us make sense of the chaos we are facing?

Arts & Humanities

COVID-19 und kleine Formen im digitalen Kapitalismus: Joseph Vogl im Gespräch

Von “C” wie Covid-19 über “F” wie Freundschaft, bis hin zu “W” wie Wissen, aber auch wie “Wunder” – über all das und mehr haben wir mit Joseph Vogl gesprochen.

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