Academia & Publishing

#IchBinHanna: Und Jetzt?

Auf Twitter protestieren Wissenschaftler*innen gegen prekäre Arbeitsbedingungen an Hochschulen. Doch die Probleme des deutschen Wissenschaftssystems sind größer als #IchBinHanna.

Arts & Humanities

Queer Wizards and the Magic of Neurodiversity

Transgressive, liberated, powerful – wizard characters offer spaces of hope and transformation for young queer and neurodivergent readers.

Arts & Humanities

Good, Bad, and Ugly Genes? An Interview with Claus-Christian Carbon

Language shapes our thinking – in science as well as in everyday life. That is why we urgently need to re-think outdated concepts and terms such as “good genes”, says Psychology professor Claus-Christian Carbon.

Business & Economics

Mapping the Course of Inequality Through History

Thomas Piketty enlarges upon ideas of social inequality from his popular book Capital and Ideology.

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