Science & Technology

Chromium: Are we red-green blind regarding its biological chemistry?

The legendary traffic lights in Berlin, the “Ampelmännchen”, symbolise the opposite biological functions of chromium compounds in two major oxidation states: one for health and the other for disease. In other words, green stands for “go and safe”, red stands for “stop and danger”.

Science & Technology

Iris recognition under the influence of diabetes

Biometric recognition allows the identification of a person based on unique physical characteristics, such as the pattern of the iris. […]

Arts & Humanities

After Saturday Comes Sunday

The heartland of the Chaldeans always was northern Iraq – the Nineveh Plain – and nearby areas of Syria. The Assyrians lived primarily in the mountainous heights of southeastern Turkey and Iran. Now as ISIS and its multiple successor organizations have murdered the Christians and chased them out of their villages, Aramaic is endangered as never before, and it could finally die as a spoken language.

Science & Technology

Umami, crispness and beautiful servings? Put seaweed on your plate, international scientists suggest

Seaweed exists in oceans all over the world, and there are many possibilities for using it in both the kitchen and in the food industry. However, since we don’t know enough about how to make seaweed taste good, we rarely eat it. Here, three scientists present how seaweed can be used. 

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