Science & Technology

IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast: Catalyzing Diversity in Science

In chemistry, as in many other science disciplines, achieving gender equality remains a goal that has yet to be reached. The IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast, an annual event held in February, calls on organizations worldwide to pave the way toward a more equitable future for all genders.

Arts & Humanities

Catalogue Raisonné as Artwork

In an era of digital catalogues raisonnés, artist Michael Müller has embraced printed opulence with “Ernstes Spiel – Catalogue Raisonné.” Using colors, languages and the interplay of images and texts, the supposed parergon is transformed into a Gesamtkunstwerk in its own right.

Politics & Society

The Trump Carnival: Medieval Politics on Today’s Far Right

Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency not only endorsed but celebrated the unprecedented transgression of political and social norms. How did the embrace of the carnivalesque aid his ascent to power? And how much longer will its appeal last?

Academia & Publishing

Academic Librarians on Intellectual Freedom and Change, Part 6: An Interview with Jochen Johannsen

In Jochen Johannsen’s library, students discover freedom through education – quite literally, by participating in Escape Rooms where the goal is to research information correctly. In the concluding instalment of our interview series, we spoke with the Library Director at RWTH Aachen University about unorthodox learning approaches, navigating disruptions in the library world, and more.

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