Politics & Society

Is China prematurely declaring victory in its reforms?

At the heart of China’s economic take-off during the last four decades is a fragile equilibrium between economic reforms and one-party rule. The communist party has demonstrated pragmatism and adaptability – but just at a time when China seeks to fully enter the knowledge economy and participate in global markets, it has put the brake on further reforms.

Science & Technology

Dealing With Hemolyzed Blood Samples: An Unresolved Dilemma!

Blood sample contamination happens easily, for example when red blood cells burst due to improper handling. Opinions on how to deal with test results obtained from these unsuitable samples differ.

Arts & Humanities

How German Refugees Found a New Home in Ireland

Several hundred German-speaking refugees came to Ireland between 1933-1945. Their story has only recently been rediscovered – and we have a lot to learn from their experience.

Science & Technology

Insect silk – biotech approaches for medical applications

Nature provides an enormous diversity of insect silks ranging from the well-known silk worm (Bombyx mori) silk to completely unrelated […]

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