Academia & Publishing

How to Digitise an Archive

Whether you’re a publisher or library, you almost certainly have hundreds, if not thousands, of historic titles that are hugely valuable to the global research community. Serious academics will climb mountains to get hold of the last remaining copy of an old title that can further their research. But if they could access that same text in minutes, imagine the speed at which their ideas could advance.

Arts & Humanities

Amazing Photos of Houses Show What Being at Home Means Around the World

Through the gaze of his camera, photographer Maurice Weiss reflects on the meanings and importance of houses and homes.

Science & Technology

Sugarcane plantations and deforestation threaten Brazil’s carnivores

Despite being overlooked in previous studies, coatis and ocelots can still be found in the Atlantic Forest of the Pernambuco Endemism Center (PEC), a biodiversity hotspot in Brazil. However, both species have low density, indicating severe population decline. New records highlight the importance of forest remnants to support the carnivorous fauna in this region.

Science & Technology

Ultra-marathons: A painful affair

 “Ultra-marathons are painful” sounds like an obvious statement, however, a recent study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain is […]

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