Academia & Publishing

How Academic Librarians Are Shaping the Digital Humanities

When cutting-edge digital technologies and the humanities intersect, the possibilities for new and exciting research projects are endless. In this process, academic librarians play a pivotal role – and here’s how.

Science & Technology

IUPAC’s Top 10 Emerging Technologies in Chemistry

From wearable sensors to large language models and bio-recycling – these ten innovative technologies are shaping not only the world of chemistry, but the future of our planet.

Academia & Publishing

Artificial Intelligence in Modern Academic Libraries

Artificial intelligence technology brings a host of benefits and challenges for publishers and librarians alike. We asked several experts to share their views and experiences on navigating the evolving AI landscape.

Academia & Publishing

Image Alt Text: How to Make Your Scientific Publication More Accessible

Alt text is a fundamental tool for ensuring the accessibility of digital publications. But what should your alt text look like in order to make sure it is really useful to your audience? And how do you actually provide an alt text for images used in your publication? Here are some quick tips to help you out.

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