Academia & Publishing

How De Gruyter Is Making Its eBooks More Accessible

Not everyone experiences reading the same way. To ensure that people with visual impairments can access the same information as everybody else, we set up a dedicated working group at De Gruyter to improve the accessibility of our content. We spoke to three of its members about the challenges and achievements of the past year.

Politics & Society

Neuropolitics: How Looking Inside Our Brains Can Help Save Democracy

What happens when people feel unheard and vote for a demagogue? What Plato attributed to the concept of ‘Thymos’ 2,400 years ago, today finds a tangible connection in the brain. The ramifications for democratic thought are profound.

Arts & Humanities

How ‘Listening’ to Archaeological Sites Could Shed Light on the Past

Understanding the way in which sounds move through archaeological sites could offer insights into how ancient societies may have organized themselves. The results of field studies applying ‘psychoacoustic’ techniques at an ancient Greek sanctuary show the potential of this approach.

Academia & Publishing

15 Holiday Reads for the Intellectually Curious

Ready to relax while keeping those neurons active? Wrap up the year on an intellectual high note with our brainy book recommendations.

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