15 Holiday Reads for the Intellectually Curious

Ready to relax while keeping those neurons active? Wrap up the year on an intellectual high note with our brainy book recommendations.

Another tumultuous year on planet Earth is coming to a close. And while you might be looking forward to some quiet time during the holidays, you may yet want to tickle that brain of yours with a compelling book.

That’s why we’ve got you covered with 15 neatly wrapped reading recommendations from various disciplines. Better still, some of our titles don’t even need to be unwrapped – they’re open access already!

Now grab a cup of tea and a blanket. It’s time to get cozy with a great read from our selection!

1. Hey Computer!

2. Money Has No Value

If you’re intrigued by the mystery of money, don’t miss this interview with the book’s author: “Money Has Always Been an Enigma”: An Interview with Samuel A. Chambers.

3. Top Ten Fictional Narratives in Early Modern Europe

4. The Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax

Earlier this year, we interviewed Andrew Orr in one of our book talks – you can find the conversation as a video and podcast here: Andrew Orr on “The Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax”.

5. The Encounter of Chinese and Western Philosophies

6. 30 Trees

7. The Oligarchs’ Grip

We interviewed David Lingelbach and Valentina Rodríguez Guerra in our latest book talk – you can find the conversation as a video and podcast here: David Lingelbach and Valentina Rodríguez Guerra on “The Oligarchs’ Grip”.

8. Playing American

9. The Crooked Timber of Democracy in Israel

10. Fashion and Environmental Sustainability

11. Kälte-Pop (“Cold Pop”)

What made ‘cold pop’ so cool? To find out, we interviewed the book’s author: Glorifizierung einer kalten Welt: Florian Völker im Interview über ‚Kälte-Pop‘.

12. Loriot und die Bundesrepublik (“Loriot and the Federal Republic of Germany”)

To mark Loriot’s 100th birthday, we published an interview with one of his long-time companions: director and author Stefan Lukschy. The conversation is available as a video and text excerpt here: „Loriot war am ehesten ein Melancholiker“: Stefan Lukschy im Interview.

13. Gestalterinnen (“Women Designers”)

14. Unterwegs im Cyber-Camper (“On the Road in the Cyber Camper”)

We recently interviewed both authors in one of our book talks – you can find the conversation as a video and podcast here: Dieter Meiller und Magdalena Kayser-Meiller über “Unterwegs im Cybercamper”.

15. Popliteratur 3.0 (“Pop Literature 3.0”)

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