Academia & Publishing

Book Bans and Biases: Is There a Place for Sexually Explicit Materials in the Library?

Whether American libraries should host sexually explicit content has been a matter of ongoing debate throughout history, and it continues to be a heated topic of discussion today. The persistent failure, however, to recognize patrons as fully embodied human beings with physical and intellectual dimensions reveals deep cultural biases at play.

Arts & Humanities

Who was Christine de Pizan? In Conversation About an Extraordinary Medieval Trailblazer

One of the first professional female writers of the Middle Ages, she possessed extensive knowledge of military tactics and advocated for women’s equality centuries before the feminist movement. We interviewed scholars Earl Jeffrey Richards and Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski about the unusual life and career of Christine de Pizan.

Arts & Humanities

The Forgotten Half of History: Why Women Philosophers Matter

Throughout history, women thinkers and their ideas have been intentionally erased from public memory. There is even a mistaken belief that women’s cultural history doesn’t exist at all. Today it’s more important than ever before to debunk this patriarchal narrative and put women philosophers in the spotlight again.

Science & Technology

Ostdeutsche Physikerinnen: Wie veränderte die Wende ihr Leben?

Die Physik gilt als ein seit Jahrhunderten männerdominiertes Fach, doch in der DDR eröffneten sich für Frauen im Forschungsbetrieb neue Möglichkeiten. Interviews mit ostdeutschen Physikerinnen zeigen, dass der Herbst 1989 zwar als politisch befreiend erlebt wurde, aber auch eine Reihe ungeahnter Probleme für ihre Karrieren mit sich brachte.

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