Academia & Publishing

6 Writing Productivity Hacks Used By Successful Academics

I interviewed academics about their writing practice – and identified 6 simple strategies you can start using today to reach your writing goals.

Science & Technology

Practising Sahaja Yoga meditation could reduce depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety can make everyday life hard for sufferers. Research has shown that physical exercise and mediation can help with depression and anxiety. Used as a form of intervention to improve mental health, meditation is becoming a focus of scientific attention. Combined with yoga, research shows that Sahaja Yoga meditation has a positive effect on anxiety.

Politics & Society

10 Strategy Hacks for Creative and Social Entrepreneurs

In a profit-driven world the term strategy has become one of the most used empty words. But strategy should be a creative and meaningful process that helps us design a sustainable future based on clear visions, values and attitudes.

Science & Technology

Could snail and slug slime provide an alternative to conventional antibiotics?

Slug and snail slime not only acts as an adhesive and lubricant for the creatures, it allows them to glide […]

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