Aidan McQuade on “Ethical Leadership”

In his new book, Dr. Aidan McQuade explores the concept of human agency and the decisions leaders make under pressure. To learn more, we sat down with him for a book talk.


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Why do decent people in positions of power do dreadful things in certain circumstances? Why do some leaders carve out a different moral path when faced with challenging situations? Why do some people become ethical leaders in morally challenging and complex social environments?

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Aidan McQuade, who consults on ethical leadership and campaigns against modern slavery, explores these important questions in his new book “Ethical Leadership: Moral Decision-Making under Pressure”, which is the second title in the new book series “De Gruyter Transformative Thinking and Practice in Leadership and Its Development”.

In an interview with Steve Hardman, Senior Acquisitions Editor at De Gruyter, Aidan McQuade explains how his extensive experience in humanitarian work in Africa has influenced his thinking and understanding of how leaders behave when faced with difficult choices.

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Aidan McQuade

Aidan McQuade is an independent consultant on human rights and humanitarian response. From 2006 to 2017, he was the director of Anti-Slavery International, the oldest international human rights organisation in the world. He frequently contributes to international newspapers and journals on issues relating to slavery and human rights.

Steve Hardman

Steve Hardman works as Senior Acquisitions Editor at De Gruyter.

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