Arts & Humanities

Neuroenhancement: Curse or Blessing?

Pharmacological or technical neuroenhancement, also infamously known as “brain doping”, can improve cognitive functions such as concentration, mood, or creativity. However, the question of whether such interventions affect our autonomy and authenticity has become a matter of current ethical and philosophical debate.

Business & Economics

Aidan McQuade on “Ethical Leadership”

In his new book, Dr. Aidan McQuade explores the concept of human agency and the decisions leaders make under pressure. To learn more, we sat down with him for a book talk.

Arts & Humanities

Gerhard Schreiber über „Im Dunkel der Sexualität“

Gerhard Schreiber ist Theologe sowie Sexualethiker. In seinem neuesten Werk beschäftigt er sich mit den Schattenseiten von Sexualität und möchte Licht ins Dunkel bringen, in dem er die Komplexität des Themas beleuchtet. Wir haben ihn dazu im Book Talk befragt.

Arts & Humanities

How Philosophy Helps Us Tackle Implicit Bias and Stigma

Our implicit biases are unconsciously formed, but their impact on other people can be all too real. How do we take back control of unintentional prejudices and stereotypes?

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