Arts & Humanities

How Philosophy Helps Us Tackle Implicit Bias and Stigma

Our implicit biases are unconsciously formed, but their impact on other people can be all too real. How do we take back control of unintentional prejudices and stereotypes?

Academia & Publishing

Scholarly Publication Ethics: 4 Common Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Academic integrity and ethical publishing go hand in hand. We tell you how to avoid possible pitfalls, follow best practices and steer clear of article retractions.

Politics & Society

Trisomie-Bluttests als Kassenleistung: Keine Lifestyle-Medizin

Die emotional geführte Debatte um die Kassenfinanzierung von vorgeburtlichen Trisomie-Bluttests nimmt aktuell wieder an Fahrt auf. Dabei verdeutlicht sie auch die Notwendigkeit, Schwangeren in erster Linie eine reflektierte Auseinandersetzung mit ihrer Situation zu ermöglichen.

Arts & Humanities

Are Death and Brain Death the Same Thing?

The question of brain death is of utmost practical importance to transplantation medicine. While many anthropologists argue that death and brain death are two different things, there are good pragmatic reasons to equate the two.

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