#Book Talks

Arts & Humanities

Elisa Cuter, Guido Kirsten and Hanna Prenzel on “Precarity in European Film”

In our latest book talk we explore questions of precarity in European cinema. What exactly does precarity mean? Is class still a relevant issue today? And can we identify common themes in films selected from across Europe? To find out, we sat down with the three editors of “Precarity in European Film.”

Arts & Humanities

Esther Wright on “Rockstar Games and American History”

Video games often present unique takes on historical narratives. In her latest book, Esther Wright explores historical authenticity in the Rockstar Games franchise. To learn more, we got together with her for a book talk.

Business & Economics

Aidan McQuade on “Ethical Leadership”

In his new book, Dr. Aidan McQuade explores the concept of human agency and the decisions leaders make under pressure. To learn more, we sat down with him for a book talk.

Arts & Humanities

Gerhard Schreiber über „Im Dunkel der Sexualität“

Gerhard Schreiber ist Theologe sowie Sexualethiker. In seinem neuesten Werk beschäftigt er sich mit den Schattenseiten von Sexualität und möchte Licht ins Dunkel bringen, in dem er die Komplexität des Themas beleuchtet. Wir haben ihn dazu im Book Talk befragt.

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