14 Holiday Reads for the Intellectually Curious

It's the time to fill those quiet winter hours with a good book. If you’re looking for a stimulating holiday read to tickle your brain, we have just the right recommendations for you!

The holidays are around the corner, but you don’t feel like watching “Home Alone” or playing board games with the family? As our gift to you, we’ll put some brainy book recommendations under the tree!

To end the year on an intellectual high note, we’ve curated a cross-section of titles from many different disciplines with a focus on timely subjects.

Enjoy browsing!

1. Viral Lobbying

2. Women in Historical and Archaeological Video Games

3. Beyond the Voting Rights Act

4. Accelerated Materials Discovery

We recently interviewed Phil in one of our book talks – you can find the conversation as a video and podcast here: Phil De Luna on “Accelerated Materials Discovery”.

5. Making Black History

Learn more about author Dominique Haensell, her book and her stance towards Open Access in this short interview.

6. Averting Climate Catastrophe Together

This publication – along with many others on the topic – is also featured on our landing page “360 Degrees: Perspectives on Climate Change”.

7. Medieval Futurity

8. Fired Up

As a sneak peek, check out this blog post by the authors: “Burnout Is Real – Here’s What Leaders Need to Do About It”.

9. Viral Justice

10. Everyday Religiosity and the Politics of Belonging in Ukraine

11. Kältebilder (“Cold Images”)

The print cover of “Kältebilder” was printed with thermochromic ink and reacts to different ambient temperatures by changing the color tone. Take a look for yourself!

12. Der fliegende Zirkus der Physik (“The Flying Circus of Physics”)

13. Das Gelingen der künstlichen Natürlichkeit (“The Success of Artificial Naturality”)

Last year we interviewed Olivia Mitscherlich-Schönherr in one of our book talks – you can find the conversation as a video and podcast here: “Olivia Mitscherlich-Schönherr über ‘Das Gelingen der künstlichen Natürlichkeit'” (German).

14. Weihnachtsfilme lesen (“Reading Christmas Movies”)

We hope you’ll find a brainy read to your taste that will enrich your holidays!

[Title image by Valentin Antonini via Unsplash]

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