Politics & Society

The Trump Carnival: Medieval Politics on Today’s Far Right

Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency not only endorsed but celebrated the unprecedented transgression of political and social norms. How did the embrace of the carnivalesque aid his ascent to power? And how much longer will its appeal last?

Politics & Society

Can Biden bring America back?

After four image-damaging years, one of U.S. President Joe Biden’s top goals is to restore American respectability and leadership abroad. Can he succeed?

Politics & Society

White Rage and the Demise of Democracy

In the past few years, underprivileged groups have felt ‘left behind’ and voted for demagogues, who have often gone on to undermine democracy. However, this is nothing new. Reading classics by writers as diverse as Dostoevsky, Plato and Rousseau can provide an answer to the current malaise.

Arts & Humanities

Right-Wing Rhetoric and the Trivialization of Pandemic Casualties

In the US, influential commentators and officials pushed the public to accept death and illness as a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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