Arts & Humanities

“Man kann Ökonomie als einen Ordnungsversuch des Begehrens verstehen”: Jule Govrin im Interview

Begehren und Ökonomie sind untrennbar miteinander verwoben. Wie genau, davon erzählt Jule Govrin in einem Streifzug durch die Philosophiegeschichte von Platon über Hegel, Nietzsche und Freud bis zu Deleuze, Guattari und der Queer Theory.

Science & Technology

Understanding the Brains of Transgender People: Are We There Yet?

Over the last 25 years, scientists have become more and more keen on understanding the contribution of the brain in how transgender people feel about themselves. Although studies are increasing, neuroscientists are still trying to answer the question whether the brains of transgender people resemble those of their self-identified gender, their sex assigned at birth, or whether they have a totally different brain profile.

Arts & Humanities

Islam is Losing Ground in Turkey

New research shows that rather than undergoing a process of Islamization as envisioned by its political leadership, Turkey is actually a secularizing society.

Arts & Humanities

Why Prostitution Should be Legal As in Ancient Greece

A battle has been raging for 20 years between the Swedish model, which penalizes prostitution, and the Dutch model, which seeks to make sex work safe through regulation. If history has anything to teach us in this modern debate it’s that prohibitionist models will always be ineffective.

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