Business & Economics

Degrowth: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Amidst the devastation of the world’s ecosystems and the unprecedented rise in economic inequalities, should we reconsider our concepts of growth and development? Absolutely! It’s time to prioritize both people and the planet. It’s time for degrowth.

Science & Technology

Tackling Plastics Pollution with Chemical Recycling: An Interview with Katrina Knauer

This year’s Earth Day centers on reducing plastic pollution for the sake of both humanity and planetary health. We spoke with polymer scientist Dr. Katrina Knauer about innovative recycling technologies and the development of new plastics that could make a significant contribution to achieving this mission.

Business & Economics

Save the Planet, Grow the Economy! Lessons from Tiger Conservation

For too long, we’ve separated ecology from economics and economics from ecology, often leaving local people out of the equation altogether. However, a tiger conservation project in India shows us how these frameworks can work together seamlessly for a sustainable future.

Academia & Publishing

6 Ways to Make Your Library Greener

Are you a librarian eager to contribute to a more sustainable world? We have some valuable tips and tricks to share with you!

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