Politics & Society

Ecocide in Ukraine: How Russia’s War Will Poison the Country (and Europe) for Decades to Come

In three months, Russia’s war has caused unprecedented damage to the Ukrainian people and environment. But the effects of this environmental catastrophe will not stop at Ukraine’s borders. Is Europe facing a new Chernobyl?

Arts & Humanities

Natur und Spiritualität: Ein Gespräch mit Harald Lesch

Was bedeutet „Natur“? Wie gehen wir mit der Unermesslichkeit des Universums um? Und wie steht ein Astrophysiker zum Thema Spiritualität? Über all das und mehr sprachen wir mit einem der bekanntesten Wissenschaftler Deutschlands und selbsterklärten Himmels-Nerd, Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch.

Science & Technology

Migration Collapse of Monarch Butterflies Leads to Worry and Questions

Fewer and fewer monarch butterflies make the trip from western North America to overwintering areas along the Californian coast. A non-native host plant and climate change could be to blame.

Science & Technology

How machine learning could help combat illegal logging

Illegal logging is an ongoing threat. But machine learning could be used to distinguish endangered timber species from commoner ones – enabling logs that have illegally entered the timber market to be identified.

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