Arts & Humanities

Call For Manuscripts: Ecocriticism Unbound

We are looking for innovative book proposals for our new series “Ecocriticism Unbound”. We are particularly interested in work that redefines the limits of ecocriticism and brings posthumanist theory to bear on a variety of cultural texts.

Academia & Publishing

“Libraries Exist to Serve the Sustainable Development Goals”: An Interview with Barbara Lison

Libraries are key players in achieving the UN Sustainability Development Goals, according to Barbara Lison, President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). We talked to her about the 17 goals, actionable steps librarians can take, and the importance of advocating.

Politics & Society

Ecocide in Ukraine: How Russia’s War Will Poison the Country (and Europe) for Decades to Come

In three months, Russia’s war has caused unprecedented damage to the Ukrainian people and environment. But the effects of this environmental catastrophe will not stop at Ukraine’s borders. Is Europe facing a new Chernobyl?

Arts & Humanities

Natur und Spiritualität: Ein Gespräch mit Harald Lesch

Was bedeutet „Natur“? Wie gehen wir mit der Unermesslichkeit des Universums um? Und wie steht ein Astrophysiker zum Thema Spiritualität? Über all das und mehr sprachen wir mit einem der bekanntesten Wissenschaftler Deutschlands und selbsterklärten Himmels-Nerd, Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch.

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