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Arts & Humanities

Call for Manuscripts: Comics Studies – Aesthetics, Histories, and Practices

For a new book series, we are looking for English-language manuscripts that explore the aesthetics, histories, and practices of comics, manga, graphic novels, and other forms of sequential art.

Arts & Humanities

Call for Manuscripts: Transnational Approaches to Culture

We are looking for innovative book proposals on transnational paradigms in cultural studies for this new series.

Arts & Humanities

Toxic Video Game Culture and Why I Don’t Call Myself a “Gamer”

For years, online gaming communities have been plagued with toxic behavior and harassment. The instigators are often young, white, male, and angry. Anne Ladyem McDivitt reflects on how identifying as a “Gamer” reaches far beyond the enjoyment of playing video games.

Arts & Humanities

COVID-19 und kleine Formen im digitalen Kapitalismus: Joseph Vogl im Gespräch

Von “C” wie Covid-19 über “F” wie Freundschaft, bis hin zu “W” wie Wissen, aber auch wie “Wunder” – über all das und mehr haben wir mit Joseph Vogl gesprochen.

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