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Arts & Humanities

Call For Manuscripts: Ecocriticism Unbound

We are looking for innovative book proposals for our new series “Ecocriticism Unbound”. We are particularly interested in work that redefines the limits of ecocriticism and brings posthumanist theory to bear on a variety of cultural texts.

Arts & Humanities

Call For Manuscripts: Cultures of Ageing and Care

Research on care, especially in the context of ageing, has become not only popular but urgent in the last few years. We are looking for exciting book projects that explore questions of ageing and care across disciplines and cultures for our new book series.

Arts & Humanities

The January 6 US Capitol Attack: A Non-Revolution With an Enduring Impact

Two years after the violent insurrection around and inside the US Capitol building, the threat to the oldest democracy in modern Western history is far from over. A comparison of Hannah Arendt’s theory of revolutions and a miniseries about John Adams offers insights into the political challenges we are facing today.

Arts & Humanities

Moderne Musikvideos: Unbequeme Themen in schöner Verpackung

Zeitgenössische Musikvideos von Janelle Monae, The Carters und anderen sind zu einem beliebten Gegenstand medienkulturwissenschaftlicher Analysen geworden. Und das nicht ohne Grund: Im Hochglanz-Gewand tragen sie zur Debatte über die wichtigen gesellschaftlichen und politischen Fragen unserer Zeit bei.

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