Arts & Humanities

How COVID-19 Made Us Rethink the Power of Touch

While the social implications of COVID-19 have touched us all, we have mostly been touching our screens. What happens to our relationships when caring becomes a matter of distance?

Politics & Society

The Unfamiliar Intimacy of the Face Mask During COVID-19

More than a year and a half into the pandemic, the debate over face masks is still raging – time to take the opportunity and think about our intimate connections with inanimate objects.

Arts & Humanities

Right-Wing Rhetoric and the Trivialization of Pandemic Casualties

In the US, influential commentators and officials pushed the public to accept death and illness as a new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Science & Technology

COVID-19 and Preterm Births: How the Virus Affects Pregnancy

As Corona cases jumped in New York City, so did the number of premature births, a group of neonatologists find.

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