Academic Publishing

Busier than Ever and Burned Out – New Research Reveals the Realities of Publishing in a Pandemic

In the spring, we conducted research which found that the pandemic was making academic authors busier and more stressed out than ever and that gender was an important factor. Six months on, have these pressures changed and if so how?

Philosophy & History

In the Eye of the Storm: U.S. Diplomat Hugh Gibson and the ‘Spanish Flu’

In 1918, when both World War I and the ‘Spanish flu’ raged in Europe, the American diplomat Hugh S. Gibson was sent to Paris. Today, his personal records offer us rare insights into a time between disease and diplomacy.

Academic Publishing

How COVID-19 Impacts Scholarly Authors: What We’ve Found Out So Far, What We’re Doing Next

Earlier this year, we found that the pandemic was hitting female researchers especially hard. Is this still the case? And what other factors besides gender might affect academic careers during Covid-19? We want to know!

Language & Culture

COVID-19 und kleine Formen im digitalen Kapitalismus: Joseph Vogl im Gespräch

Von “C” wie Covid-19 über “F” wie Freundschaft, bis hin zu “W” wie Wissen, aber auch wie “Wunder” – über all das und mehr haben wir mit Joseph Vogl gesprochen.

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