Business & Economics

What Does the Future Hold for China’s Private Firms?

Is the recent action by the Chinese government against Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba simply a long overdue reining in of under-regulated monopoly business or does it signal the beginning of the end for China’s flourishing private sector?

Arts & Humanities

„Chinesische Literatur war schon immer Weltliteratur“: Ein Interview mit Wolfgang Kubin

Nach 30 Jahren im Werden vollendet sich in diesem Jahr die umfangreichste Darstellung der chinesischen Literatur weltweit. Wir sprachen mit dem Sinologen Wolfgang Kubin über sein Lebenswerk.

Arts & Humanities

Why We Need to Address Linguistic Diversity at the Modern Olympic Games

Not only are multilingual services vital for the smooth running of the Olympics – they are now a requisite for public health. That’s why, in time of crisis, Tokyo ramped up its linguistic infrastructure.

Politics & Society

Why Trump Really Wants to Ban TikTok

The battle between America and China being carried out through TikTok embodies a new form of modern warfare in which there is no threat of bombs, no threat of troops, but threats of taking away teenagers’ dancing videos.

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