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The Bible in the Age of Covid-19 Between Margaret Atwood and Donald Trump

Margaret Atwood, the Bible, and Donald Trump—is there a stranger group of bedfellows that could help us think through these strange times? We don’t think so.

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The Importance of the Bible’s Cultural Contexts

Constance Furey has recently started to work as main editor for the area Christianity on the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR). Here she talks about her new role, the EBR, and why the Bible’s cultural contexts matter.

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The Importance of Bible Reception: An Interview with Benjamin Wright III

Why does Bible reception matter? We asked Benjamin Wright, scholar of Ancient Judaism and editor of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception (EBR).

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P.S. There is no Bible 1.0

As no one would probably argue against the fact that the copyists and editors of these holy texts were themselves very much human, how can we be so sure they picked the “right” ones? Perhaps we are missing out on some important thoughts?

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