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Arts & Humanities

How ‘Listening’ to Archaeological Sites Could Shed Light on the Past

Understanding the way in which sounds move through archaeological sites could offer insights into how ancient societies may have organized themselves. The results of field studies applying ‘psychoacoustic’ techniques at an ancient Greek sanctuary show the potential of this approach.

Politics & Society

Can Greek Tragedy Heal Ukraine?

The term ‘tragedy’ today has entirely negative connotations. In classical Athens, however, tragedy was thought to have a therapeutic and healing function. It enabled Athenians to confront and move beyond their deepest fears and hatred through a process of catharsis, a change of heart. Recovering this view could have important implications for Ukraine.

Arts & Humanities

Tausende Jahre Einsamkeit: Antike Perspektiven auf ein hochaktuelles Problem

Schon lange vor COVID-19 entwickelte sich die „Einsamkeitsepidemie“ zum Thema zahlreicher Debatten, doch heute ist das Problem aktueller denn je und regt zum Nachdenken darüber an, was die Einsamkeit mit sich bringt. Ist der Mensch wirklich, wie Aristoteles es ausdrückte, ein von Natur aus auf die Gemeinschaft mit anderen angewiesenes Wesen?

Arts & Humanities

Why Prostitution Should be Legal As in Ancient Greece

A battle has been raging for 20 years between the Swedish model, which penalizes prostitution, and the Dutch model, which seeks to make sex work safe through regulation. If history has anything to teach us in this modern debate it’s that prohibitionist models will always be ineffective.

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