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The CHIPS and Science Act: Why the USA Invests $52.7 Billion in Its Semiconductor Industry

Whether in mobile phones, data centers, or cars – microchips are everywhere, and ongoing shortages affect countless industries worldwide. To boost innovation in the United States, Joe Biden recently signed the $280bn CHIPS and Science Act 2022, of which a large part, $52.7bn, is earmarked for the semiconductor industry. What justifies such an enormous government investment in one industry?

Science & Technology

Vom Kerbholz zum Smartphone – Mathe leicht gemacht seit der Steinzeit!

Trotz mangelnder Beliebtheit an Schulen weltweit gilt die Rechenkunst als gewaltige Kulturleistung der Menschheit. Und das zu recht: seit Jahrtausenden entwickeln wir immer ausgefeiltere Methoden und Instrumente, um der Zahlen Herr zu werden.

Science & Technology

Mobile gaming: Do different genres influence different brain functions?

Mobile gaming has become one of the commonest forms of entertainment worldwide. However, little is known about how mobile games […]

Science & Technology

Scientists against plastic: Are polysaccharides made from marine biomass a winning strategy?

The future of our planet is at stake. Plastic waste is piling up and nature-inspired alternatives are urgently needed. In a quest to tackle this issue, scientists are actively looking for sustainable solutions – even in the deepest corners of the Earth.  

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