Science & Technology

Diagnosing ADHD with eye movement measures: A new approach

Currently, the diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is prone to subjective bias introduced by the specialist testing for […]

Science & Technology

Going the green way: Rice husks as an eco-friendly source of silica

Traditional production methods for silicon-based materials are highly energy-intensive and unsustainable, which is why researchers are now looking for “greener” […]

Science & Technology

Sunflowers: Can mutations make them bigger, better, and stronger?

Supplying food to an ever-growing human population is a global challenge. Augmenting crop yields and increasing their quality may allow […]

Science & Technology

The future of the windshield: Augmented reality in self-driving cars

With increasing automation of vehicles, drivers will become more disengaged from the primary task of driving. New displays that cover […]

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