Science & Technology

Post-traumatic stress disorder: A time bomb (not only) in Iraq

Even after the end of a traumatic event or time, many people will keep on battling an “inner war” that […]

Science & Technology

Not to Be Outdone: The Platypus Fluoresces, Too

Biofluorescent fur, first observed in marsupials, then in placentals, has now been discovered in the monotreme platypus. This indicates that biofluorescence is all over the mammalian family tree. However, researchers are still questioning the reasons behind it.

Science & Technology

Diabetes camp: How to make attendance more equitable

Diabetes camp programs have been a fundamental summer experience for children with diabetes since 1925 – but not all children […]

Science & Technology

Women in early stages of pregnancy face special risks from COVID-19

An international study has shown that COVID-19 infected women at early pregnancy stages and expecting mothers in need of oxygen […]

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