Science & Technology

What Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Able to Achieve

When, if ever, will artificial intelligence fully surpass human capabilities? What happens to our autonomy when we entrust AI with the task of shaping our future? And why can’t a robot deliver a genuine compliment? Reflecting on the limits of AI leads to a deeper understanding of our own complexity.

Arts & Humanities

Humans, Robots, and a Virus: How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Relationship With Artificial Intelligence

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the lives of communities around the world, driving many people to turn to new technologies for social and emotional support. What can artificial intelligence technologies like “Replika” and “the Squirrel” reveal about our own emotional world?

Science & Technology

What We Can Do with Sex Robots (… Besides the Obvious)

Robots like “Harmony” and “Henry” offer the promise to satisfy all our sexual needs – but there is more to them! What might await us when sex robots leave the bedroom?

Science & Technology

How humanoid robots are learning realistic handshakes

An improved, more natural robotic handshake could build trust and engagement between people and machines.

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