Politics & Society

Climate Justice: Why Developed Countries Should Pay for Past Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions have provided a wealth of benefits to developed countries at the expense of developing ones. In light of this “unjust enrichment,” developed countries now have to recognize their duty of climate restitution towards developing countries.

Arts & Humanities

Neuroenhancement: Curse or Blessing?

Pharmacological or technical neuroenhancement, also infamously known as “brain doping”, can improve cognitive functions such as concentration, mood, or creativity. However, the question of whether such interventions affect our autonomy and authenticity has become a matter of current ethical and philosophical debate.

Arts & Humanities

De Gruyter’s 10th Open Access Book Anniversary: Atle Ottesen Søvik and His Winning Title “A Basic Theory of Everything”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first open access book publication, we held a contest of which 10 deserving winners emerged. Each of them will introduce themselves by answering three questions – and today’s turn is theologist Atle Ottesen Søvik’s!

Arts & Humanities

„Mir geht es darum, die Würde des Menschen auch während der Autopsie zu bewahren“: Ein Gespräch mit Judith Brauneis

Judith Brauneis hat einen ungewöhnlichen Job: Als Leichenpräparatorin und Notfallseelsorgerin kümmert sie sich um Tote und ihre Angehörigen. Zum „Trauerkloß“ sei sie aber trotzdem nicht geworden. Wie ihr das gelingt – und vieles mehr – erzählt sie im Interview mit Eckhard Frick.

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