Science & Technology

What Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Able to Achieve

When, if ever, will artificial intelligence fully surpass human capabilities? What happens to our autonomy when we entrust AI with the task of shaping our future? And why can’t a robot deliver a genuine compliment? Reflecting on the limits of AI leads to a deeper understanding of our own complexity.

Arts & Humanities

The Forgotten Half of History: Why Women Philosophers Matter

Throughout history, women thinkers and their ideas have been intentionally erased from public memory. There is even a mistaken belief that women’s cultural history doesn’t exist at all. Today it’s more important than ever before to debunk this patriarchal narrative and put women philosophers in the spotlight again.

Arts & Humanities

Wilfried Hinsch und Susanne Brandtstädter über „Gefährliche Forschung“

Welchen Einfluss haben wissenschaftliche Innovationen auf unseren Alltag? Was macht neue Erkenntnisse potenziell „gefährlich“? Und welche Verantwortung tragen Forschende gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit? Über dies und mehr sprachen wir mit Wilfried Hinsch und Susanne Brandtstädter.

Arts & Humanities

Call for Manuscripts: History of Philosophy and Science

We are looking for English-language manuscripts on the history of the engagement between philosophy and science.

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