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Arts & Humanities

The Ideal Future of Peer Review: Through the Editor’s Lens

How will we evaluate and validate scholarly work in the future? Which facets of peer review should remain, and which should we leave behind? As Peer Review Week 2023 concludes, join our editors in envisioning an ideal future for the peer review process.

Academia & Publishing

Alternative Peer Review Models: Through the Editor’s Lens

Is it time to rejuvenate traditional peer review models? How can we attain greater transparency, inclusivity, and efficiency in the manuscript evaluation process? We sought insights from our editors regarding their experiences with alternative approaches.

Academia & Publishing

Artificial Intelligence and Peer Review: Through the Editor’s Lens

The outcome of peer review can make or break a researcher’s career. With this weighty responsibility in mind, could we ever bestow this task – partly or completely – upon artificial intelligence technology? We asked our editors for their views.

Academia & Publishing

Peer Review in a Changing World: Through the Editor’s Lens

As the world becomes increasingly complex, so does the research landscape. How can we meet the challenges of modern scholarship in the context of peer review? Find out what our editors have to say.

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