#Peer Review Week 2021

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Exploring the Human Dimension of Peer Review

Our scientific identities shape our notions of quality, value, and relevance, adding an essential human dimension to the evaluation of science. It is therefore time to think (and act) outside the box and to explore peer review as an identity-informed rather than identity-agnostic mechanism in science.

Academia & Publishing

Fact or Fake? The Question of Anonymity in Peer Review

Are we turning a blind eye to the new realities of scholarly work? It’s time to get rid of a number of misconceptions about double-blind peer review and start thinking about innovative solutions!

Academia & Publishing

The Blind Spot: When Peer Review Reproduces Privilege, not Quality

To make a diverse range of scholarly voices finally heard, we must not rely on blind reviewing policies but open our eyes wide.

Academia & Publishing

Peer Review Week 2021: Protecting Knowledge and Building Trust

It’s Peer Review Week, and we are excited to participate with a series of blog posts centered around this year’s theme “Identity in Peer Review”. We’ll start off the series with a reflection by De Gruyter’s Vice President of Global Publishing Tom Clark.

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