Science & Technology

Climbing trees to study the elusive bearcat

The bearcat is not a bear nor a cat, but a peculiar arboreal civet. Bearcats, or binturongs, live in the […]

Science & Technology

Albino Lowland Tapirs discovered in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest

A rare sight: researchers from Brazil recently discovered two albino Lowland Tapirs in the Atlantic forest. Their discovery provides a […]

Science & Technology

Pangolins, bats or another species – where did COVID-19 come from?

Viruses similar to the 2019 novel coronavirus have been discovered in horseshoe bats and the critically endangered Sunda pangolin. Scientists presume that the illegal trade of these animals at “wet markets” may have played a key role in the Covid-19 outbreak.

Science & Technology

Big city life: Why are hyraxes making Palestinian urban areas their new home?

Furry, gregarious and full of surprises – rock hyraxes are increasing in numbers outside their natural habitats in Palestine and […]

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