#Humanities for Humans

Politics & Society

World on the Move: A Discussion with Kathryn Abrams and Mark Terkessidis

Right now, over 110 million people are experiencing displacement from their homes, surpassing all previous records of refugeedom. In the latest virtual event in our “Humanities for Humans” series, legal scholar Dr. Kathryn Abrams and migration researcher Dr. Mark Terkessidis discuss the pressing questions about a world on the move.

Politics & Society

Gender, Embodiment, Desire: A Discussion with Meg Fernandes and Jack Halberstam

Should gender be abolished? Why do conservatives fixate on trans youths? And what exactly do we mean by “non-binary”? In a recent event in our “Humanities for Humans” series, poet Meg Fernandes and gender theorist Jack Halberstam discussed today’s vital questions around gender, the body, and desire.

Arts & Humanities

Systemic Inequalities: Is Change Possible?

The concept of systemic inequality is polarizing and complex. In the latest discussion in the “Humanities for Humans” series, historian Robin D. G. Kelley and literary scholar Bruce Robbins delve into its roots, social manifestations, and potential solutions.

Arts & Humanities

Humanities for Humans: An Interview With Irene Kacandes

Increasingly heated debates around hot-button issues are deepening rifts across society. Dr. Irene Kacandes wants to change the conversation. We talked with the Dartmouth professor about a new lecture series supported by the Walter de Gruyter Foundation that brings together humanities scholars and the broader public to defuse the polarizing issues of our time.

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