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„Loriot war am ehesten ein Melancholiker“: Stefan Lukschy im Interview

Wir feiern den 100. Geburtstag von Loriot mit einem Blick hinter die Kulissen seines Schaffens. Im Interview mit Rüdiger Singer eröffnet der Regisseur und Autor Stefan Lukschy einzigartige Einblicke in die Gedankenwelt des großen deutschen Humoristen und seine Sicht auf die deutsche Nachkriegsgesellschaft.

Arts & Humanities

The January 6 US Capitol Attack: A Non-Revolution With an Enduring Impact

Two years after the violent insurrection around and inside the US Capitol building, the threat to the oldest democracy in modern Western history is far from over. A comparison of Hannah Arendt’s theory of revolutions and a miniseries about John Adams offers insights into the political challenges we are facing today.

Arts & Humanities

Elisa Cuter, Guido Kirsten and Hanna Prenzel on “Precarity in European Film”

In our latest book talk we explore questions of precarity in European cinema. What exactly does precarity mean? Is class still a relevant issue today? And can we identify common themes in films selected from across Europe? To find out, we sat down with the three editors of “Precarity in European Film.”

Arts & Humanities

What Can We Learn From Slapstick Comedy?

Despite its “simple” appearance, there is more to slapstick than meets the eye. Besides a whole lot of mishaps and mischief, slapstick movies and figures such as Charlie Chaplin’s famous Tramp provide us with unique perspectives on social issues and power hierarchies.

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