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What Can We Learn From Slapstick Comedy?

Despite its “simple” appearance, there is more to slapstick than meets the eye. Besides a whole lot of mishaps and mischief, slapstick movies and figures such as Charlie Chaplin’s famous Tramp provide us with unique perspectives on social issues and power hierarchies.

Arts & Humanities

‘Forced Diversity’ In Movies Is Not a Thing – But Here’s Why Some People Are So Scared of It

When people of color enter spaces historically perceived as ‘white’ in popular representations of history and speculative fiction, familiar outcries of ‘blackwashing’ or ‘forced diversity’ are sure to follow. What is it exactly that white people fear losing?

Arts & Humanities

Warum lachen wir über Screwball-Komödien? Sarah Greifenstein im Interview

Screwball-Komödien bestechen durch eine turbulente Handlung und rasanten Wortwitz. Doch auch subtilere Filmtechniken sind bei der Entstehung von Komik nicht zu unterschätzen, sagt Sarah Greifenstein.

Arts & Humanities

How Saving Private Ryan Shaped Our Memory Of World War Two

At the end of the most destructive century in the history of mankind, Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan sought to restore America’s faith in its political community.

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