Language & Culture

Warum lachen wir über Screwball-Komödien? Sarah Greifenstein im Interview

Screwball-Komödien bestechen durch eine turbulente Handlung und rasanten Wortwitz. Doch auch subtilere Filmtechniken sind bei der Entstehung von Komik nicht zu unterschätzen, sagt Sarah Greifenstein.

Language & Culture

How Saving Private Ryan Shaped Our Memory Of World War Two

At the end of the most destructive century in the history of mankind, Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan sought to restore America’s faith in its political community.

Science & Technology

The Transylvanian Rocket Scientist Who Invented Space Travel and Got Funded by a Movie Director

In the 1920s, the founding father of rocketry and astronautics, Hermann Oberth, struggled hard to realize his visionary ideas. Having his dissertation on rocket science rejected, Oberth convinced a film studio to fund his plans to build a real rocket as the advisor for a science fiction film in an unorthodox private public partnership.

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