Politics & Society

Milton Friedman: There is No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman is best-known for his unwavering belief in free enterprise and opposition to state intervention in business and trade. He passed away in San Francisco at the age of 94 on November 16, 2006.

Arts & Humanities

History as a Poetess: Stefan Zweig on Biography, History and Politics (1943)

In 1939, Stefan Zweig prepared a lecture on history for the PEN Congress in Stockholm, but the event got cancelled. Published shortly after Zweig’s and his wife Charlotte Altmann’s suicide in 1942, Zweig’s essay is evidence of an attempt to spread optimism in bleak times. An excerpt.

Arts & Humanities

7 Different Ways to Write a Great Biography

Ever considered writing a biography? Individual decisions and circumstances shape life stories, but so do biographers. By adapting set patterns, writers determine public opinion of their subject’s lives. Draw inspiration for a future project from this roundup of common approaches.

Arts & Humanities

How German Refugees Found a New Home in Ireland

Several hundred German-speaking refugees came to Ireland between 1933-1945. Their story has only recently been rediscovered – and we have a lot to learn from their experience.

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