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Arts & Humanities

Unfit Art History: Queering the Study of Art

As labels tend to oscillate between overestimation and meaninglessness, the notion of a Queer Art History requires double caution: As a discipline it may either risk domesticating a radical movement through institutionalization, or be derided as ‘unscholarly’ activism. While the latter objection may even confirm the effectiveness of queer initiatives, the former requires a constant questioning of the objectives being pursued. Charting the path forward for Queer Art History means facing these issues head on.

Academia & Publishing

De Gruyter’s 10th Open Access Book Anniversary: Alexandra Chiriac and Her Winning Title “Performing Modernism”

To mark the 10th anniversary of our first Open Access book publication, we launched a call for book proposals. One of the competition’s 10 winners is art and design historian Alexandra Chiriac. In a short interview, she introduces herself and her monograph.

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