The University Press Library: Bridging the Gap Between Academic Libraries, University Presses and You

Find out what the UPL can bring to your library!

You’ve probably heard the big news (or you haven’t) about De Gruyter’s University Press Library. On October 7th, we officially launched the UPL, after helping it grow for five years as a pilot program between select presses and libraries. We see the University Press Library as a solution to the complex, ever evolving difference between the needs of academic libraries and university presses. But on top of that, the UPL presses publish unforgettable titles in countless genres that deserve their own moment, now that the fanfare of the launch has died down.

While De Gruyter is widely known as a scholar’s press, where focused research finds a home, we’re confident that we do have something for everyone. The University Press Library is just one example of our many innovative programs striving to bring more content and bigger ideas to the world stage. Between the eleven partner presses of the UPL, there are many gems that you can read and enjoy outside of the library.

Whether for curiosity, entertainment, or staying up to date on cultural trends, staying well-read is something we can all aspire to. Find 10 great books from the UPL to add to your list below – ones that offer important insights on popular media, today’s shifting politics, favorite stories from history, and even climate change!

From the comfort of home cooking to a look at modern-day democracy, or from a playbook of the essential (but overlooked) mafia movies to a practical guide to a successful life, the presses of the UPL have a book for any occasion. So, the next time you look towards De Gruyter for scholarly content or innovative research, take a look at our other offerings, and find something new to read when you need a break in the library.


Want to enjoy this prestigious eBook content, all on De Gruyter online?

Be sure to let your librarians know, and have them contact us here so they can learn more about being a part of the UPL, just like adding a new wing to your library.

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Julia Ottaviani

Julia Ottaviani works in De Gruyter’s Boston office, splitting her time between the Operations & Marketing departments in addition to occasionally guest writing for De Gruyter Conversations. She is also a student in Emerson College’s Masters in Writing & Publishing program, after completing her undergraduate studies at Simmons University, where she studied English, communications, and business. Julia loves to read, write, and read about writing, and hopes you do too.

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