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Wer wir waren: Ein Gespräch mit Historikerin Angelika Königseder über De Gruyter in der Nachkriegszeit

Bombenschäden, Papiermangel und Mitarbeiter, die plötzlich nicht mehr zur Arbeit kommen – Dr. Angelika Königseder schildert in ihrem neuen Buch die Situation des De-Gruyter-Verlags im Berlin der Nachkriegszeit. Wir sprachen mit ihr über die Hintergründe des Projekts.

Academia & Publishing

Scholarly Publication Ethics: 4 Common Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Academic integrity and ethical publishing go hand in hand. We tell you how to avoid possible pitfalls, follow best practices and steer clear of article retractions.

Academia & Publishing

How to Publish an Open Access Article

There’s always a first time for everything—and publishing Open Access is no different. Read about how to become a part of this movement by making your research freely available for all!

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Exploring the Human Dimension of Peer Review

This year’s theme of Peer Review Week presents us with an opportunity to think (and act) outside the box, an opportunity to explore peer review as an identity-informed rather than identity-agnostic mechanism in science.

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