Academia & Publishing

How to Write and Publish a Research Paper in 7 Steps

What comes next after you’re done with your research? Publishing the results in a journal of course! We tell you how to present your work in the best way possible.

Arts & Humanities

Reisepionierin Ida Pfeiffer: Wie eine Wienerin die Welt eroberte

Mit Mitte vierzig, inmitten der Zeit des Biedermeier, beschloss Ida Pfeiffer, dass ihr die Rolle als Hausfrau und Mutter nicht mehr genügte. Also wurde sie Weltreisende.

Academia & Publishing

6 Writing Productivity Hacks Used By Successful Academics

I interviewed academics about their writing practice – and identified 6 simple strategies you can start using today to reach your writing goals.

Arts & Humanities

7 Different Ways to Write a Great Biography

Ever considered writing a biography? Individual decisions and circumstances shape life stories, but so do biographers. By adapting set patterns, writers determine public opinion of their subject’s lives. Draw inspiration for a future project from this roundup of common approaches.

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