#women in science

Arts & Humanities

Bühne frei für starke Frauen der Geschichte: Jasmin Lörchner und ihr Podcast „Herstory“

Jahrhundertelang wurden Frauen in der Geschichtsschreibung ignoriert oder systematisch unsichtbar gemacht. Doch mit „HerStory“ bringt Jasmin Lörchner die Geschichten der Wegbereiterinnen von gestern wieder ans Licht.

Academia & Publishing

What’s Ahead for Women in STEM?

Women are still heavily underrepresented in all areas of STEM. We want to change this narrative one interview at a time, by asking some of our female authors and editors about the future.

Science & Technology

Lise Meitner: “A physicist who never lost her humanity”

Against all odds, Austrian-born Lise Meitner devoted her life to a career in nuclear physics. Today we look back on the achievements of a brilliant woman who many believe was once robbed of the Nobel Prize.

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