Academia & Publishing

The Evolving Role of the Academic Librarian – From Traditional to Digital

By embracing new mindsets and roles, academic librarians are dispelling the long-outdated image of bookworms surrounded by dusty shelves. Not only have they adapted to the digital transformation: they are actively driving it.

Academia & Publishing

The Future of Academic Libraries: A Utopian Vision for 2040 and Beyond

Envision a not-too-distant future, in which society has been completely transformed by digitization. Printed books have become obsolete and data management is completely run by artificial intelligence. What would happen to university libraries and their role in higher education? In this scenario, they would be anything but irrelevant.

Arts & Humanities

Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech: A Short History of a Complex Relationship

Lately, the allegedly restricted freedom of expression at universities has been discussed intensively in European and American media. Nonetheless, we should be careful about equating academic freedom with freedom of speech.

Academia & Publishing

Studium und Promotion mit Hörbehinderung: Wir müssen reden!

Schlechte Akustik, fehlendes Verständnis von Lehrenden und unflexible Studienvorgaben – hörbehinderte und gehörlose Personen sehen sich im Hochschulbetrieb mit einer Vielzahl an Barrieren und Beeinträchtigungen konfrontiert. Was können wir tun, um diese Hürden abzubauen? Ein Beitrag zum Internationalen Tag der Menschen mit Behinderungen.

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