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How to Get “Networking” Right as an Academic

As a PhD student, early career researcher, or even as a seasoned academic, you will likely have to do some sort of bridge-building with other people in your field if you want to be considered for interesting job opportunities, get your work noticed, or just find like-minded people in your field you respect, trust, and enjoy working with. We’ve compiled a set of helpful tips and tricks to help you get it right.

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Academic Librarians on Intellectual Freedom and Change, Part 6: An Interview with Jochen Johannsen

In Jochen Johannsen’s library, students discover freedom through education – quite literally, by participating in Escape Rooms where the goal is to research information correctly. In the concluding instalment of our interview series, we spoke with the Library Director at RWTH Aachen University about unorthodox learning approaches, navigating disruptions in the library world, and more.

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Academic Librarians on Intellectual Freedom and Change, Part 5: An Interview with Marcela Rivera-Cornejo

In the fifth segment of our interview series with academic librarians from across the globe, Marcela Rivera-Cornejo of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile shares her thoughts on inclusive librarianship and the importance of keeping up with the rapid developments in the academic landscape.

Academia & Publishing

The Evolving Role of the Academic Librarian – From Traditional to Digital

By embracing new mindsets and roles, academic librarians are dispelling the long-outdated image of bookworms surrounded by dusty shelves. Not only have they adapted to the digital transformation: they are actively driving it.

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