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The Pandemic Reshapes Academic Life – How We Respond Is Key

Academic life is constantly changing, but in the context of COVID-19, those changes have been accelerated.

Politics & Society

How Universities Can Outlast the Covid-19 Pandemic

In times of uncertainty, universities and faculty members must react with careful planning and future-proofing. In short, now is not the time for magical thinking.

Politics & Society

Covid-19 Will Lead to Far Reaching Changes in Academia

Whether it’s careers, costs, teaching or conferencing, the pandemic will touch every aspect of academic and university life. Whilst the winners and losers are not yet clear, long-term change is certain.

Academic Publishing

(Ge)Recht Für Alle? Nikolas Eisentraut Über Open Access in der Rechtswissenschaft

Frei zugängliche Wissenschaft schafft gerechtere Bedingungen für Jurist*innen in der Ausbildung, sagt der Rechtswissenschaftler Nikolas Eisentraut im Interview. Doch der Weg dorthin ist steinig.

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